25 March 2011

Blogger No More

China and Blogger are not friends. The feud goes way back to grade school when Blogger called China a "big fatty fat" and, in retaliation, China killed everyone in Blogger's family.

The point is, Blogger has been blocked in China for years. Using a VPN (read: tricking China) has been the best way around the problem up until now. But with the recent protests in the Middle East, China is crazy afraid that access to unregulated internet sites could facilitate an uprising of their own. More and more VPNs are being blocked. Translation: no Blogger for Ness. Thanks a lot, Egypt. You just had to have your precious freedom.

So how am I getting on Blogger now, you ask? The answer is: "I'm" not. This isn't Vanessa. (What?!!) Yeah, this is actually her brother. The reason I've brought you all here it to tell you that Vanessa still loves you very very much, but sometimes people fall out of love and they grow apart and they leave Blogger and start a blog somewhere else.

You can find Vanessa's new blog here.

It's new, it's fresh, and it isn't pinned under the giant hand of the benevolent leader. Have at it.