28 September 2006

Birth of Sow- both an exciting and tragic event

My guinea pig just had babies September 27th, 2006. 3 lived and two died. One of the dead ones was fully formed but huge and the other one was under developed (no eyeballs, etc...)
Here is the mama with her 3 surviving pups.

And here are the dead ones before we buried them and gave them a funeral service equipped with incense and candles. Ramsey gave a short speech, I gave a long speech, and Lisa just concurred.

Rest in peace little Guineas. =[ They're in heaven now together. I put them in a hugging position before I put them in a match box and sealed it with a kiss.

On a brighter note, today Lisa made us an authentic German meal. It was fish with some dill weed/lemon/creamy sauce. See how knowledgeable I am in the culinary arts! Today Lisa told us about her spelling test in her English class. The teacher announced that she was the only one in the entire class that got 100% on in. Imagine that! A German exchange student spelling better than the native English speakers. That's pretty impressive.

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