10 September 2006

Forget babies, I'm raising a teenager...

I'm hosting a foreign exchange student named Lisa Seidel. She's 16 and from Berlin, Germany. She's super cute too! Registering her for highschool is more complicated then what you may think. It took me four hours (Everything included). We have a very nice room we prepared for her

Lately I have been helping her with her pre-calculus. She'll try to do it on her own and then when she can't figure it out, I'll help her get the answer. But she's pretty independent and good at math. Finally I am using my higher math skills for something. Yippie! Factoring trinomials!!!

She spent hours showing me pictures of her girlfriends and family back home in Germany. I think (three hours?) and then showed me a dvd of her modern dance performances.This afternoon we made breadsticks together. We've been doing some activities, like going to the rollerrink and watching movies. Needless to say, it's been very fun. Ramsey is at work all the time, so having her here is nice.

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  1. You crazy nugget! How come you never told me you were setting up that guestroom for a foreign exchange student? I thought it was just for random guests who might happen to visit ... like that one crazy vagrant guy you were friends with.

    Anyhow, have fun with the German girl. Don't let the guinea pigs eat her in her sleep. I heard they can get carnivorous on a full moon...