12 September 2006

Fried Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup--an American delicacy

Lisa and I just watched Red Eye (Wes Craven film) and really enjoyed it.

I was attempting to make stuffed peppers and found out it took an hour and decided tomorrow I would do it (Lisa was hungry) so I settled with fried cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Lisa asked me if it was a typical American dish. I've never really thought about it. Well, let's see...my mom made it and she's really American...so um yea! Then she said, "oh cool, I like it." So I'm glad my cheap/thoughtless fried cheese sandwiches and tomato soup was a success. I put the tomato soup in small bowls and called it dipping sauce. She thought that was neat. She is so easy to please. I noticed that she always wants to be near me. She'll do her homework out on the kitchen table when I'm cooking or she will follow me into the laundry room when I'm doing laundry. Or even when I'm typing on the computer, she sits there and smiles while watching me. When I was an exchange student in Russia I was a recluse. She's still very shy but at least she likes me enough to be near me all the time. That's a good sign.

This weekend Ramsey has Friday, Saturday, and Monday off! So I'm thinking of planning something. I don't have any ideas yet.

My guinea pig is about to have babies in about two weeks now...we'll see if it's a healthy experience.

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