14 September 2006

post graduation thoughts

Currently I'm working on my job portfolio. So far I have:
1) 2 samples of my writing (one with a professor's comment that said it should get published)
2) 3 student journals I edited for (the other 2 aren't worth showing)
3) Published article I edited for Dr. Hatch soon to be featured in Mass Spectrometry (Science Journal) (This one I was acknowledged for by the professor)
4) A letter from the Humanities dept congratulating me on making the Dean's List
6) A letter from BYU awarding me a scholarship
7) A letter of recommendation from Utah Historical Society for my contribution in helping edit a book about the Salt Lake City Utah 2002 olympics
8) Designs in QuarkXPress (design software)
9). A sheet getting credit for editing lower classmens' papers

And potentially this test I took in one of my editing classes that was the highest score in the class which had extra credit for spotting something the professor didn't even notice. I just have to find it =/

I think this may be a bit much. I have to see which ones are really important.

I'm feeling nostalgic and posting a picture of my freshman dorm room

I think about how much I've changed since then. I have a lot more ambition now but in different ways. But then again, I'm really burned out from looking at papers and books. I really need this break. I get physically sick sometimes thinking about all the stress college brought me. I wouldn't call myself a complete perfectionist, but I do like things to be done right. I think I put too much on my plate taking max amount of credits and working two jobs. My greatest accomplishment at BYU: 21 credits with a 4.0 while taking three honors classes and having a fiance. I'll never forget how that made me feel. But grades are really superficial. I know for a fact that my husband is tons smarter than me and he got a really low GPA. I think a high GPA just shows work ethic. Anybody can get a good grade as long as they work hard on it. The only brains you really need to succeed is practicality and determination. I think that's the only reason I succeeded in college.

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