24 September 2006

Someone please play with me!!!

This is a shoutout to every person in my area to come play tennis or racquetball with me!!!! Much love,



  1. You seem and interesting person. I imagine you'll get a lot of responses to your plea. Good luck!!!

  2. if only I could actually hit a ball with a racket, I'd answer your call in a second...

    out of desperate loneliness, I have bought a parakeet. It has yet to replace my love life, but he IS mighty cute.

  3. Now that it has gotten colder, are you still interested in tennis? I am trying to lose some weight and was thinking I could hit a tennis ball against the wall at the local courts, only they don't have any such walls anymore. So I'm looking for someone to hit the ball around with a bit (I haven't played in years). I have an odd schedule, but live in Orem.