09 September 2006

To blog or not to blog

Why have I avoided being a blogger for so long? Perhaps I thought it was a trend that would soon pass, but it never did. Yes, the myspace users are still going strong. Soon they will conquer the world. Now that I have graduated college, I find myself with excess time.

Blog. Blog. Blogging. Weee. This is fun.

Crocodile man...you were so annoying and yet so entertaining. You will be dearly missed.

I have to keep awake. Must stay awake. I have to pick up my husband at 2 in the freakin morning. Meaning I will blog and blog and then when I can't stand it anymore I will go the gym. I tried reading, but for most of my college years reading and sleep were too deeply connected. These are the facts. Yes.........

I've decided my guinea pigs take advantage of me. I'll be making myself some food and they can sense it. Then they scream at me until I feed them first. Oh no, Vanessa can't just get one little bite. They are so demanding. They are more intelligent then what they lead on.

Oh I just thought of another reason why I never was a blogger before. Who in the world would ever want to read my posts. No one. Maybe Jeremy would. So I'm writing for Jeremy. Hi Jeremy, big bro, benefactor, bachelor, brilliantante, bloggerex


Back to crocodile hunter...I think his death has erased the memory of John Karr from our minds.

I have some really exciting news. I have a new pet of some sort. If you know what I mean. Hint. Hint. Actually hints don't work. No one will ever guess. Therefore I must eventually reveal. Um. I'll reveal tomorrow.

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