11 September 2006

Top 10 Worst Movies

For the most part I haven't seen a lot of horrible movies because I tend to read reviews or hear from people first, but these "mishaps" must be revealed to the world. These movies are just plain bad, and no, I don't mean awesomely bad, just plain unbearable to watch, like "cut the wrist to curb the pain" bad. I had a little help and input from Ramsey. Oh and these are in no particular order.

1) Ultra Violet (This had the potential to be really good...but the story telling really screwed it up)
2) Pride and Prejudice (Utah version) (This one I couldn't finish)
3) The Wedding Date
4) Gigli (This one I couldn't finish-I knew it would be bad but I wanted to know what the hype was about)
5) Death in Venice
6) Cruel Intentions (but I do like the last 4 minutes. I liked how they all got screwed at the end..run over by a car etc...)
7) Crossroads
8) Things you can tell just by looking at her
9) Titanic(It's slightly amusing when you're 13) (Ramsey has never seen this one)
10) Any movie that starts with "Free Willy"

This will be periodically revised when I can think of ones that are even worse.

This is the IMDB's pick: http://imdb.com/chart/bottom

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