21 September 2006

yay for animals

This weekend Ramsey, Lisa, and I went to the Utah State Fair and explored. Lisa liked the hypnotist but thought it was weird. She never had seen one before. Also, there was a lady selling sugar gliders and we held them. Ramsey really liked it. I think because it hissed and clawed at people when they tried to take it off his arm. We pretty much walked around and ooohed and ahhhed. Uh, kinda. Here's a pic of me trying to feed a cow.

I also played/checked out pigs, rabbits, and goats.

On Monday we went to the Hogle Zoo, up in East Salt Lake City. Lisa and Ramsey were kind of annoyed because I took tons of pictures, but anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE ANIMALS and I mean I *heart* animals!

This was my favorite animal at the zoo. It's called the Red Panda. It kind of reminds me of a raccoon. They live in South East Asia. They're pretty much the coolest animal ever.

We went through a butterfly exhibit/room/conservatory. I took some pictures of some of the lovely flowers. Because I love flowers too!

This is Lisa on a giant caterpillar outside the butterfly exhibit.

Here is a cute picture of an elephant lifting up his leg to make a great pose for me!

And a cute cheetah sleeping....

Oh, this is so funny. Ramsey loves spider monkeys. They're his favorite animal. So he was so excited to see them, but instead of them doing intense acrobatics, they were in mourning.

This is Lisa and me riding a rhino...yeah right, I wish!

And lastly, I tried o so hard to pet the giraffes. Yes I laugh at the face of danger...(no comment)


  1. That giraffe picture is the coolest picture of laughing in the face of danger that I've seen.

    You're a really good writer.

  2. If you go in the indoor portion of the giraffe exhibit, you can sometimes get close enough to pet them. But you have to make sure the feeder lady isn't watching.

  3. Post the video of the giraffe wildly flicking his toungue!