08 October 2006

Bridal Veil

Lisa really wanted to go to the mountains, so Ramsey told us to all jump in the jeep and we'll go. We thought Bridal Veil was close enough and pretty so we took her there. All those who are not familiar with this waterfall here it is!

I pretty much liked all the scenery

And here are some random goofy pics
Anyway, last night, Ramsey, Lisa and I went to Salt Lake City because Lisa wanted to go to gateway mall, and we also went to the Broadway theatre to see the Science of Sleep, which is an awesome movie and I highly recommend it. If you don't feel comfortable knowing what people would say if they confused dreams with reality then maybe this isn't a film to see. But I find it very interesting. And my favorite song right now is when they were dressed in cat suits playing in a band, "When you rescue me...I'll be your friend forever." We went out to eat at Charlie Chow's Dragon Grill. Yum.

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