17 November 2006

my new calling

I have been the second counselor in the young women's in my ward here in Orem for two weeks now. It's cool having a calling but our ward, Hillcrest 3rd is joining with Hillcrest 2nd this Sunday and we're getting a ton of new people, who I may never get to know because I'm with a bunch of teenagers now. I play tennis with a twelve yr old girl. lol...soon all of my friends will be teenagers. ahhhhhhh. Let's be honest, Vanessa, no one wants to be friends with you. And if you do have a few friends it's because you've had them for a loooong time. Why is that I repel people like ++ and -- No new people want to be my friend unless they need something. My old friends accept my weirdness, but these new people have like a weirdness radar thing going on. They have a mile's head start to run far far away.
Why is it though, that people who are generally not nice have tons of friends and me, who I believe, is one of the nicest people and would break my back for a friend, have such a hard time. And when I do find one straggler, they freak out and ignore me because I was upset they broke off our friends date. I had one friend named Machelle. She and I ate lunch together every Wednesday for three months. Then one day, I got too close to her, or she sensed some kind of lesbian vibes because I told her I really enjoyed our friendship, and she completely ignored me at work and never talked to me again. Is it weird to tell another girl you really enjoy their friendship? I'm afraid to ever do it again. Maybe I should cancel friends outings and be unreliable and then I'll have friends.


  1. Teenagers can be fun friends!I can't believe you're in the Young Women's presidency! It doesn't even seem like we're old enough to have that kind of a calling. Weren't we in young women's like a few years ago? I teach the 8 year olds in Primary, and feel too young for that calling sometimes!

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't underestimate teenagers; they can be cool - especially when they're 14 and 17, in particular, or at least, that's how I felt when I was those ages.

    Anyway, friends are great things to have. Make sure you get good ones when you get more. No friends are better than bad friends (even if it doesn't feel that way). There are other things than immediate social well-being to consider.

    Anyway, do you still play tennis? You don't seem like the kind of person who would send weirdness vibes to people - not right away, at least, if you did. It's probably just a trial that will pass. Things change (many things, at least). But then, be prepared for other trials . . . they come, one way or another.

    I need to focus on preparation more, myself.

    How come comments don't show up in the RSS feeds from your blog?

    Anyway, I need to go for now.