22 November 2006

new job

So I got a new job...it kind of landed in my lap. A lady in my ward heard I was an editor and pretty much got me hired. Today was my first day of training which I got a paid for, pretty nice. The company I now work for is called iArchives which focuses on digitalizing historical data. I found out that I'm not actually doing my type of editing, and that I'm doing image editing and data entry. I can work at home if I get a 19" flat screen moniter but I'll get paid by the project rather than the hour like now where I go into the work and work in my own cubicle. I noticed that most of my jobs just fall in my lap. Poor Ramsey spends months looking for his. I don't know how I get so lucky.

here is my company website: http://www.iarchives.com

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