13 January 2007

children are so unruly

Today, I got hit on so many times by 13 year old boys, I wanted to smack them all upside the head.

"teacher, my friend wants to date you"
"teacher, you're hot"
"teacher, will you go out with me"

Maybe I should stop wearing makeup and not comb my hair and wear my really thick glasses when I substitute teach. Yes, that should do the trick. Then that stupid kid wouldn't have fallen down dead in front of my desk. "No, I will not go on a date with you, first off, it's highly illegal, I'm married, and you're a freakin' teenager. Ok, I wasn't that rude...but.....

My image editing job is going good. My boss is really impressed with my skills that I can work at home now. Even though I don't have a 19" monitor!!! But it's been hard to find time to do all the projects she's given me, because my brother Kevin has been staying with us. I've been helping him look for apartments, hung out etc.... Well he just signed a contract today so I have to go help him move.



  1. I have bad news for you. Teachers with frumpy hair and thick glasses can still be "hot."

    Better to be yourself than to fulfill some pimply 13-year old nerd's secret "geeky teacher" fantasy.

    And, congrats on your impressive skills. That's really cool and significant that your boss is letting you work from home.

  2. I didn't know you were doing substitute teaching! How fun.