13 January 2007

our new chinchilla

So Ramsey and I got a Chinchilla from Craigslist.com. Usually a chinchilla is 99-140 dollars, and the cage we got is usually 150 dollars, but we got both and all the supplies included for 60 bucks.

We named it Pikachu because I'm convinced that the character from Pokemon was inspired by a Chinchilla. It has a bushy tail like a squirrel. Must I show you the similarities....

I want to find it a lover that looks like this:


  1. You are such a good matchmaker.

    Let me know when you post a craigslist ad, and I'll spread the word by publishing links to your ad.

    I can see it now.

    "Grey chinchilla seeking white."

  2. Oh, and I'm really glad you're blogging regularly again.

    There's been a serious lack of good blogs out there in the past couple months. Only one really good one that I can think of, and I think it was about the birth of some guinea pigs.

  3. Congratulations on the new pet. How many do you have now?