20 February 2007

my sugar babies

Ramsey and I got two baby girl sugar gliders. We named them Eevee and Mononoke. They bond pretty fast, and they aren't as scared anymore. They used to tremble. It was pretty sad. I was scared for awhile, because I thought they would attack me. You know the sweet but not so innocent look. Actually, my chinchilla has perfected this look. It's better now, when they blink or squint it is so adorable. This picture is of their first day at their new home.

They are sitting on Ramsey's shoe. Their diet is very complicated, but I think I have perfected it by now. It's the BML diet. Ramsey built them a 6 ft cage so they can glide to their hearts content. Picture coming soon

On another note, my chinchilla has finally voluntarily jumped on my lap. Now the tricky part is keeping him there long enough to pet him. He goes crazy for raisins, but I can only give him one a day to avoid diabetes. But, splitting this little raisin in 4 pieces convinces Pikachu that he getting more. So we're all happy in the long run.

Viven las sugar gliders!
Viva la chinchilla!
Viven las guinea pigs!
Viva la turtle!
Viva la toad!
Viven las lizards!

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