29 March 2007

the most shocking discovery...

Mr. Xiong is a woman!!!!!...uh er female. Ok, everyone please calm down. It's ok. I thought that she was a "he" because I read sites that said what features were masculine and which were feminine. I was sure that my turtle had large claws and a long and thick tail so I assumed "she" was a "he" But then, we saw another turtle at a petstore and really sexing a turtle can really only be truly done with comparisons instead of supposed reliable internet data. Well, we recently purchased a 30 gallon tank on craiglist for a steal of a price and decided we should find a friend for the new "Mrs." Xiong and now we have a male for her who we named...drum roll please..."Mr. Xiong". Mr Xiong has a first name Ken because he was named after my 10th grade chemistry teacher who awarded my good test scores with pokemon stickers which was highly motivating for me to excel in science. (Because I have a secret love for pokemon.) Gotta catch' em all you know. Anyway I decided that Mrs. Xiong should have a first name as well and since Mr. Ken Xiong of my 10th grade chemistry class was Korean I found it fitting to give Mrs. Xiong a Korean first name as well. But the problem is I don't know any Korean girls names so I named her Koriya. So there you have it.

Here are pictures of Mr. Ken Xiong and Mrs. Koriya Xiong

swimming happily together in a pool of love

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