09 April 2007


Ramsey, my brother, and I went to our cousins (Mackenna & Brittlyn Gallacher) for Easter dinner. Mmmm honey roasted ham, potato casserole, spinage salad, deviled eggs, and other yummy additions including sparkling cider, and pie. Then we chatted for three hours and had fun catching up. It was so fun socializing. I missed interaction with other people, besides my animals.

Afterwards at home, Ramsey and I decided to be pagan and dye Easter eggs.

One pink? One purple? I think not!!

Isn't this one beautiful!!!!
Ramsey was trying to take pictures that made me look like one of the eggs


  1. Ness,

    Loved catching up on your blogs!! Your ramp was so clever and eggs so beautiful. Miss you tons!

  2. Looks like you had a fun Easter! We didn't do anything for Easter since we don't have any family in the area. But we did go to Nauvoo for the week after to celebrate!

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