06 April 2007

i want my doxie

I don't know why I'm thinking about dogs right now. I have been dreaming about getting a dachshund for long time now. 14 years actually. When I was 8 I wanted a dachshund. I had her name picked out and everything: Sophie Maria. Don't know why I had thought of such a name at 8 years old but so it was.

The reason I am destined to have a dachshund is because my dad had one growing up, my mom had one growing up, and my husband had one growing up, and I dreamed of having one growing up. So it is meant to be.

Ramsey and I have talked about it, and he really like dacshunds too! So we plan on getting a dachshund as soon as we find a place that allows dogs. This will probably be in a year.

Here are some other dog breeds I like:


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  1. You want a dachshund? Wow. That felt weird when I read that your husband had one growing up. Fankie *was* Elizabeth's dog, after all (and we weren't that young when she got her, though we were still less than adults - teenagers are close to it; it was when Daniel got Fred - after Pepsi died). Dachshund's are cool in their own right . . . but . . . Out of all the dogs you mentioned, I would go for the corgi (though I've never met one). I've always been a fan of pointy ears that don't flop over (do they flop over?)

    Anyway, I say go for the animal, though, not necessarily what it looks like, though that may be hard, and by and large dogs are bred to be able to act certain ways as well as to look certain ways.

    Now, I am notoriously known for not liking Frankie when I was growing up. I don't know what it was, but I just could stand her looking at me (and she always did). And I didn't like something about the way her fur felt/looked. Anyway, I think it was something like OCD more than anything, to be quite honest. I did get over it, though, but I still couldn't stand to pick her up or anything like that (at least, not without great difficulty).

    The funny thing is, my siblings always talked about how she smelled bad - but, I could never smell what they smelled (at least not nearly to the same degree, if at all), but yet they liked her more than I did - or they were more prone to than I was. I think my attitude toward her rubbed off on my siblings some; I wish I hadn't done that, as things would have been better.

    Frankie disappeared somewhat recently (before Christmas, I think). She had been around for a long time. She was a good dog - even if she liked to spite us by doing stuff at the door all the time without barking (she did know to bark; sometimes, she would sneak off to the door while we were eating, being silent, and then do it); normally, though, she would bark just after 2am until someone got up.