05 April 2007

when Pikachu attacks

I posted this on my chinchilla forum

So the story goes as follows:

Pikachu was enjoying out of cage time and he was happily hopping around and occasionally jumping on me. He jumped on my stomach, my knees, my head, my face and the like....well suddenly he sees my toe out in the open and takes a huge chomp! I jump up suddenly and he hides behind my husband.

Here is my toe:


Here is Pikachu shortly after. (hopefully looking forlorn over his actions)


And no that isn't a severed toe to the right of him. It's a bamboo shredder.

p.s. that tent in the background is for my sugar gliders. We have tent time so that they bond with us. They have no choice but to use us as climbing devices and get used to our scent.

p.s.s Pikachu bit my toe!!!!
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