18 May 2007

future plans

For all of you crazy, curious people who want to know what the Deweys are going to do within the next couple years of their life??? Here are the plans listed in a nice little ordered format.

1) Get out of debt (2007)
2) Save money (2008)
3) Backpack around Europe (2008)
4)Ramsey enters prestigious film school while Vanessa rises in her career (2008-2009)
5)Ramsey is a film editor, Vanessa quits her job and gets pregnant (2010)
6) Ramsey might start directing films (2011?)
7) Ramsey becomes a famous director (2012?)
8) The Deweys live in Los Angeles and mingle with Christopher Walken and Steve Buschemi (2015)


  1. hi!
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  2. Sounds like a fun plan. We should get together sometime now that I'm back in Utah!