23 May 2007

my loves

Ginseng and me

Ramsey and I adopted a pair of ferrets from a family that didn't have time for them anymore. And time is all I have baby!! They are very cute! They are descented, and I keep them well groomed. Someone even commented that they smelled like strawberries! They have free range of two rooms that I have ferret proofed. They are completely potty trained and only do their business in a litter pan. They never bite unlike some of my other animals. They cuddle up and sleep on my lap and give me licks (kisses). Here are some pictures of Mercury (silver mitt male gib) and Ginseng (sable female sprite). Mercury is a little wild and Ginseng is very docile...it's great to have two different personalities. Ramsey has kind of adopted Mercury as his and Ginseng is mine. But they're really both of ours. We're just more partial to our favorites. I'm so happy!!! I have pets that actually like me and follow me instead of just tolerate me. I finally feel complete, like my pursuit of pets have finally ended.

Note: To those who aren't familiar with ferrets because you live in California or Hawaii where they are illegal, ferrets are the third most most popular pet in America, after dogs and cats. They are not wild animals. They have been domesticated for hundreds of years. In fact, if you released one in the wild they would mostly like die within a few days. That's how dependent they are on humans. They are legal in 48 states and you will see them in every pet store like Petco


  1. Ness,
    Thanks for emailing me the link to your blog. I enjoyed reading it and learning a few things about you I didn't know, such as our mutual interest in certain movies, etc. I'd forgotten you had sugar gliders. How do you like them? Enjoyed the pix of Mercury and Ginseng and all your pictures. Looking forward to your trip in the Summer. Love, DAD

  2. We would come visit you but I'm afraid Margaret might scare all your animals! Or maybe the other way around. :)