25 May 2007

my traumatic experience today

So I don't know if much of you know but I have a dog training service/walking service on the side.

Well, I was out training one of my client's dog (welsh corgi pembroke) named "Molly" We started off with some basic commands and then I started her leash training.

About 45 min into it while walking on the sidewalk a pitbull came out of nowhere coming straight for Molly, as I am quickly trying to pick Molly up, the Pitbull bit my hand. Well Molly made it out ok after picking her up, but my hand's all bleeding and torn up and it hurts quite a bit just typing this but I had to tell this story. I think I have nerve damage on my left hand pointer finger.

I called my father and told him the story and he told me to call the police. Well the make a long story short I spoke with Animal control
and the pitbull is in quarantine and the guy got a citation. They are taking down my statement in writing tomorrow. I think I will go to the hospital because I'm pretty sure I did get nerve damage on my left hand pointer finger.


  1. aaahhh! that's awful! I'm so sorry about your hand... do go to the hospital, make sure it gets bandaged right and everything. gosh what a disturbing story
    \ take care

  2. Oh my goodness! That is my worst nightmare, except replace the dog Molly with my one year old daughter. I don't think I'll ever trust any kind of dog. Let me know how it went at the hospital. I hope your hand feels better soon! Call me if you need anything.