02 June 2007

nose bleeds, misinformation, and off-centered eye fetish

There is something you should know about me. I get perpetual nose bleeds. It always strikes me mid day and I try to clog and get it to clot but only after losing about a handful of blood. I think my nose can't handle dry Utah weather or the elevation, but whatever it is, it is my curse.

I just finished reading 11 library books with a lot of misinformation. I'm not sure what people should do with the information based books written before 1986. Really we should archive them in a museum. Should we really trust the youth of today to take in this information with grain of salt? I just read how you should use cedar bedding for your ferrets. Interesting, considering that it contains dangerous phenols that can cause problems to the liver and respiratory system.

I don't know how people found out I was a dog trainer, but now everyone at work is asking for advice. It seems that's all my co-workers ever talk to me about. Other than that, they ignore me, and I just listen to music. So far I'm on this weird Bing Cosby kick. His songs are really hokey, but I still have like 40 of his songs on my ipod and it kind of fits the theme of what I'm working on because I'm doing early 1900s projects

I was so tired because I went to bed really late, so when I came home from work, I fell asleep for four hours, and woke up at 8. When I woke up, I realized I was dreaming about Topher Grace, which is really weird, because I don't remember thinking about him that often, well maybe because I just saw spiderman III, but that was still a couple weeks ago. Strangely enough, Topher Grace and I were lovers, but I just remember he was paying me to build him a swimming pool. Topher Grace is a prime example of how not so attractive guys can turn pretty with the help of Hollywood. But really I just find his strange off-centered eye intrigues me. Ramsey calls them crazy eyes. Must I show you what I'm talking about

That's also why I like Jonathan Pryce, one of my favorite actors of all time.

This one is Rufus Sewell. It may be tricky to see his off-centered eye in a pic this small, so you might need to click on the picture. I'm hoping I'm somehow related, because my mother in law's last name is Sewell. So hopefully, through Ramsey, at least one of my kids will have a crazy, off-centered eye

This off-centered eye conversation must and will be an on-going conversation

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  1. I remember you waking up with a nose bleed at girls camp once.

    As for the off-centered eye fetish, well, we all have our quirks. :)