17 August 2007

Blog Tag

I got tagged by Mary. The only problem is I don't know anyone else that blogs regularly. Hmm, maybe Laura.

Jobs I've Held:

1. Math tutor
2. English tutor
3. Assistant manager in sheet music store (Burt's Music)
4. Office Depot employee
5. Technical Editor for a professor
6. Substitute teacher
7. Editor for Footnote

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
1. Miyazaki films
2. Donnie Darko
3. Encino Man
4. Will Ferrell movies
5. Adam Sandler movies with Christopher Walken
6. Anything with Gerard Butler
7. Ramsey's films

I can pretty much watch anything over again, even if it's bad, because I can still laugh at it. And that brings me a source of pleasure.

My Guilty Pleasures:
1. Sunflower seeds that give me kidney stones. When I'm addicted to something it's hardcore =[
2. Too much Internet usage
3. Myspace (It's a love-hate relationship)
4. Staying up til 2 am or later

Places I Have Lived:

1. West Covina, California
2. Provo, Utah
3. St. Petersurg, Russia
4. Orem, Utah

Shows I Enjoy:

1. It's Me or the Dog (Animal Planet)
2. The Dog Whisperer (National Geographic)
3. America's Most Wanted (Fox)
4. Random pointless reality tv on VH1
5. Twilight Zone reruns

What were likely the 1st things you thought when you saw your significant other for the first time?

1. This is guy is weird with a shaved head, and bright red pants....I've got to talk to him!

2. Why is this guy's name Ramsey and has a weird, slightly British accent?

3. Oh no. He's doing interpretive dance at a hip hop dance!

Places I've Been on Vacation (other than the U.S.):

1. France
2. England
3. Russia (not really vacation...3 month study abroad)
4. Finland
5. Sweden

Favorite Foods:

1. Chinese dumplings
2. Taquitoes
3. Shepherd's Pie
4. Cafe Rio salad
5. Anything from Red Lobster
6. Cheesecake
7. Thai Food
8. Indian Food

Websites I Visit (almost) Daily:

1. gmail
2. facebook
3. myspace
4. craigslist
5. ksl

Nicknames I've Been Called:

1. Ness
2. Nessa
3. Nestle quick
4. loch ness munnster
5. any noun that ends with ness- "craziNESS, happiNESS" etc...
6. Nessie (only my dad calls me this)
7. V
8. Bunns
9. Munnster
10. Brass Munnskey
11. Nesska (fellow Russian speakers call me this)
12. Little Miss Ness Covina (once again my dad called me this as a child)
13. Sweet Nessie from Pike (family)

the list goes on......

Now I'll pick 4 others to do this: Laura, Becca, Ramsey, and Casper the friendly ghost


  1. You've had some cool jobs!

  2. I forgot about brass munnskey! How funny. You really have had some interesting jobs. I didn't know about a lot of them.

  3. where does dad get all these names?

  4. I think it's cool you have the ability to do that. I can sometimes watch the same movie over again. It's very different with music, I can replay a song many times.