25 August 2007

where i am moving...the big question answered

So I've received at least nine emails asking me where I was moving to. And really, I didn't know because every little dream and plan got shattered after many complications presented itself. So, to answer many burning questions here's what's new:

1) We're moving to Salt Lake August 31st
2) I have a new job in Salt Lake City (Sugarhouse area) but I'm in the middle of the internship so I won't start getting paid until mid Sept.
3)Ramsey is back in college, continuing his education so he doesn't have to work at a factory his whole life

Our new address:

572 East 4050 South # 9D
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

If you feel extra loving, generous and so forth, you can help me clean my old apartment on August 30th anytime, I will need the help! Especially the bathtub. Frankly, it scares me.

Also, we need to adopt out pets because our place is quite a bit smaller!! Here's what's available:

-chinchilla with cage and all supplies (keep sixth months only)
-african sulcata tortoise with 20 gallon tank (keep six months only)

we've sold six guinea pigs so far...two left to sell. We've sold our turtles and lizard.

And no, I will never sell my ferrets!!!!! My babies!!!!!!!!!!