16 September 2007


Oh my freakin' goodness!!! I found our wedding video that we lost for two years!!! When we moved, I found it in Ramsey's guitar case. He must have put it there because he played guitar at the wedding. He always has his guitars out for display so we just store the case. We had to put the guitars in the case when we moved and voila it was there. I saw a mysterious cd case and then inside the dvd it said Ramsey and Vanessa and my heart stopped. Finally. Well, I'm making copies this time in case this happen again. But yeah, we never had an original file, because Ramsey edited it on a mac at BYU and they are always clearing out files every semester. I might put up the video on youtube. Not sure yet, but in any case, next time you come over remind me to show it to you. =]


  1. Post pics of your new place for those of us who can't come visit. So glad you found your wedding CD!! Ours is still missing. Perhaps we'll find it someday in the bowels of Mom's garage, but not holding my breath Glad you're enjoying your new job!!

  2. yes please put it up! I want to see it nownownow!!!