29 October 2007

halloween, anyone?

Ramsey and I want to do something fun for Halloween. I've been so busy at work, I haven't really thought about Halloween until today. We are thinking about being zombies. Anyway, if anyone knows any fun parties or events, holler cuz otherwise we'll be stuck passing out little kiddies candies at the church parking lot.


  1. This is Ramsey.

    If we are not invited to a Halloween party of some kind, we will come to your house dressed as zombies and eat your brains! Make sure there are snickers bars too.

  2. We did our Halloween thing on Saturday at the trunk or treat. Margaret loved it!

    On Halloween night John's Aunt and Uncle are doing a spook alley in their garage out in Highland. You could go check it out.

  3. I'm doing Halloween at a friend's house. Watching "scary" movies, eating, and supplying greedy trick-or-treaters with sugar -- not too exciting. But you're welcome to join us if you gots nothin' else to do.

    How was Ramsey's fight? I wanted to make it but had to help out a home teachee.