13 October 2007

I got a tattoo....in my dream

I had the most bizarre dream that I got a tattoo. It was an outline of a sun and inside were shooter planes, and one exploding. The weirdest thing is that in my dream, my brother Ryan, tattooed it to me, and somehow he did an amazing job with detail...especially the outline of the sun, with vivid colors of orange, red, and purple. But the weirdest thing is that we were talking to each other and we were friends and I was a passenger of his car and he was taking me to his college campus to show me around. That would never happen. In real life, that kid doesn't give a s**t about me.

But, moving on. So I remember seeing the tattoo so clearly in my dream, and when people asked about it, I made up crap about symbolism because actually Ryan just drew whatever came to mind without me knowing. Some reason I can really bullshit about symbolism because my degree was English. So somehow the shooter planes were my future and the exploding one was my past, and the sun that was enveloping it was eternity......Wow!

Ok, but then in my dream, I started getting freaked out because I hadn't showed Ramsey yet, and I knew Ramsey would be very angry if he saw I had a tattoo, so I was trying to hide it.
And then I was starting to worry if having a tattoo was going to jeopardize me going to the temple and so for the rest of my dream, I'm panicking.

I woke up looking at my inner left wrist seeing if it was still there. Relieved and disappointed. Relieved I can still go to the temple, but disappointed that I never made that bond with my brother.

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