01 November 2007

I have another paper published!

I got a letter from BYU:

In the past five years, we were fortunate to have you as a student in our Honors 300 class, Writing for Publication, at Brigham Young University. As part of the class requirements, you wrote a research paper on publishing in your academic discipline, titled

Publishing In the Field of Russian: Prepare To Publish!

You gave us permission at the time to place a copy of your paper in the BYU Publication Lab for the benefit of future students. Your paper has proven so valuable that we would now like your permission to include it along with similar papers in a book to be published initially by the Creative Works Department at BYU for use on campus and subsequently by a university or commercial press for wider distribution.

For your convenience in responding promptly, we have attached a form granting us permission to use your paper. You are welcome to return your signed release electronically or to mail it to Jacquelyn Slade

That was three years ago. Hmmm, I don't even remember what I wrote. I do remember it took a long time to do all the research and I had to contact several Russian professors.

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  1. 3 years ago or not, it's always cool to get published. Although I'm sure a little money wouldn't hurt :)