08 October 2007

Kevin turns 25

For my brother Kevin's birthday, Jeremy, Ramsey and I took Kevin out on Saturday for a birthday lunch at Garcia's and a birthday dinner at a sushi place called Osaka. That sushi place was goooood! I've had sushi many a times, but this was one of the best places. The eel was superb! Also we got some shrimp tempura and that was amazing. Everything we ordered was fantastic. But then again, anything related to sushi is fantastic because I'm pretty much in love with sushi.

We opened presents and watched general conference because Jer tivo-ed it. And we played some fun video games. I made a necklace and an anklet made out of hemp plant while the guys went to the priesthood session. It kept me busy. This is one of the few times during general conference where I didn't freak out because of all the work I needed to do and no time. I just relaxed it. It felt great. It would have been fun to have girl friends to hang out with during the priesthood session. I didn't think that far ahead.

Well, Kevin turned 25. We are roughly two years apart. I will turn 23 at the end of this year. I told myself that 22 was the best age ever. I still kind of think it is. But I'm starting to think 23 is now. Because at 23 you get a tiny bit more respect, at least in the workforce where all your co-workers are 40 or older.

Yes, 23 will be a good age.

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  1. Wow! What a fun way to celebrate. Happy Birthday Kevin. If he's 25, how old is Jeremy?