28 October 2007

margene...the old lady with the raspy voice

Margene-what can I saw about her! She is the lady I'm training at A-1. My boss called me up and asked me to train her, because I'm the most thorough person doing my job. That's nice that he can count on me and thinks I'm great and all that jazz but MARGENE!!!! I can't stand her. She transfered from Idrives in Sandy. She was laid off because they were not making as much business. In fact they only have two locations and four employees, whereas A-1 has 11 locations and at least 20 employees.

Well, this Margene has got to be the most obnoxious person ever. Let me explain. First of all, I'm supposed to be the one training her and she is trying to train me. When she observes me teaching she tells me I need to tell the student this and that. Most of her information at best is inaccurate. It is not a 2 second following distance, it is three. Read your state handbook lady! And furthermore, I am one of the best instructors. Trust me, I've seen many at work. So then it is my time to observe her so I can report back to my boss and she is terrible. She misses half the stuff she needs to say and she breaks a few rules.

Then when I'm in the classroom, she tries to tell me how to run the class. My boss allows us to run the class to our teaching style as long as we cover the material.

And most of her complaints do not have really anything to do with me, she keeps complaining about the A-1 system. She believes everything was better with Idrives. Well, I'm sorry lady, please complain to the man that hired you, if you indeed want this job.

I haven't told any of this to Brian (my boss), but funny, he already told me he's only letting her work Saturdays, which is my day off. He would never take any hours from me in the week. He told me she is low in the totem pole. Which is funny, because I thought I was low in the totem pole but have been treated completely the opposite. I got to run my own branch, have my own class, dictate my own schedule, have a company car. Thankfully, Margene hasn't gotten any of my privileges even though she's been a driver's ed instructor longer.

But here's another thing, she smells really bad. You know, like someone who's been sitting in a coffin dead for a day or two. She has old lady breath. But I don't even think she's that old. I think she's like fifty, but her smoking has made her look seventy and her truck stop hair do, makes her look even older.

Ahhhh Margene, my last day to train her is Tuesday, and then I don't have to see her again.

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  1. I can do a great Margene impersonation. I only met her once for about 9 seconds. Even so, I can impersonate her because she has the smoker-voice. I've met hundreds of people with that voice. It's the exact same one. Smoking not only causes cancer, it steals your individuality and replaces it with the smoker-voice.