18 November 2007

Comet Holmes

I got this message from my friend Bob. I'm just sharing it with the rest of y'all. Pretty cool, huh?

Dear Vanessa,

Comet Holmes is the first comet visible to the naked eye in years. Tonight (or any night for the next month or so) when it is good and dark, look up to the northeast, and almost straight up.

Find the "W" constellation of Cassiopeia, then look about 1 fist width to the right towards the constellation Perseus. Comet Holmes is just below the star Mirfak, the brightest star in Perseus. Look for a small, star-sized, fuzzy ball.

Now get a pair of binoculars (any will do), sit in a lawn chair, or lay back over the hood of a car so you don't get a crick in your neck and ENJOY!

The greeting, "What's up Holmes?" now has one more possible answer.

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For better instructions and a sky map of where to look, go to:


I'm sure under your Utah sky you'll see it. In ACTUAL fact right now it is bigger than the sun (into which, sun, you can fit a million earths), but it is so far away it looks like a fuzzy star.

The moon is waxing, but in a couple of weeks, the moon will be almost gone. Holmes is supposed to be visible for another month or so.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your friend in the desert,

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  1. There is a full moon about now (Fri., Nov.23), so you won't be able to see the comet very easily, if at all.

    But wait 2 weeks until the moon wanes from full to half, then 2 more weeks it will wane until it finally disappears into a "new" moon.

    Definitely use binoculars and the website map listed.