27 December 2007

Introducing LILY!!!

So my best friend Becca has a roommate that has a dear little puppy that she can't keep anymore because her apartment management is threatening to evict her if she doesn't get rid of her. Well...there's really a long back story, but the point is, I'm this puppy's babysitter now. When Becca asked if I could watch her and she told me she was a mini dachshund of course I said "Yes!!!!" And hopefully, I can keep her. I can't believe how bonded I am with this dog already!!! We are really inseparable. We can't sleep without each other! She is my baby. =]

This is her Christmas stocking. She's sleeping on it. hehe

My niece and Lily

I can't get enough of this dog!


  1. Oh, how cute. She's going to turn me into a dog-lover!!

  2. That dog is ridiculously adorable. When can I dog sit?