06 January 2008

Sea Monsters: A prehistoric adventure

Tonight Ramsey and I went to see National Geographic's "Sea Monsters" in 3D at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. We almost didn't go because I wanted to see the New Hampshire debates but then Ramsey flipped on the dvd recorder and then we were off.

It was so incredible how you felt like you could touch the prehistoric sea creatures. Ramsey kept saying he got poked in the eye. hehe. Anyway, after the show we walked around the planetarium. It was really interesting looking at all the interactive tools of learning. Ramsey and I want to get a membership there because there are a bunch of other movies we want to see which we can see for free if we get the yearly membership. I still want to see "Deep Sea 3D" and "Dinosaurs 3D" and a bunch of others. Also, because it is a planetarium, we'll also have access to all the shows that are shown in the dome. Before Ramsey and I were going to the dollar theatre every Friday night. I think now we'll start another tradition and see movies at the planetarium every Saturday night.

Anyway, friends and family, if you're interested in seeing Sea Monsters, here are a couple of theatres that show it:


North American Museum of Ancient Life XanGo Mammoth Screen
Lehi, Utah

Clark Planetarium ATK IMAX® Theater
Salt Lake City, Utah


California Science Center IMAX® Theater
Los Angeles, California

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center IMAX® Dome Theater
San Diego, California

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  1. I've been wanting to go to the one in San Diego. Are there any crocs in it ?:)