31 January 2008


Last night, Ramsey and I on a whim made a variation of Uramaki or California rolls. We didn't have fish eggs and the only reason we had seaweed is because it was left over from my rice balls.
Anyway it contains:
3 cups of sushi rice (sticky rice, rice vinegar, salt, sugar)
4 sheets of nori (sea weed)
1 avacado
cut up crab meat
A knife trail of mayonnaise
1 celery (thinly sliced)
1 carrot (thinly sliced

We didn't have a makisu (rolled bamboo mat) but we made do. We also experimented on the size.

jumbo sushi
perfect sized sushi


  1. How fancy! I have never tried sushi. I just don't think it would really be something I'd liked. I've been to a sushi restuarant once but only ordered vegetable tempura.

  2. My favorites are anything with eel or soft-shelled crab. You have to get some good sushi. Bad sushi can taint your experience forever.

    vegetable tempura...yuck! lol

  3. Maybe in a few months. Right now sushi is off limits for me. :)

  4. Looks fabulous!!I have been meaning to go to a sushi restraunt here, but have been to chicken.