01 February 2008

We get to keep Sophie!

You probably noticed I wrote Sophie in the title. Well that's because I'm officially changing Lily's name to Sophie. When I was 9 years old I wanted a miniture dachshund so bad and I had picked out the name and everything. Her name would be Sophie Maria. Well that day has come. I get to keep the puppy! I think Her formal name will be Sophie Maria Lily Violet Dewey. Lily Violet being her former name. But she will just go by Sophie. So far she is getting used to the transition.

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have to figure out how to pay for her and the puppy plan= $700! The previous owner wants all monetary value she spent on the dog back! I wasn't planning on getting a dog for a while because I can't really afford it. First I wanted to get out of debt from all my hospital trips and then I could afford the dog. But because this owner was going to get kicked out of her apartment if she didn't find her a temporary home, I couldn't resist. And now I find out I can keep her if I pay for her and her veterinary puppy plan which is going to be hard because of all the expenditures I have pay, specifically $1200 hospital bill $380 for Spike's hospital stay, $500 for rental deposit, $199 for the new windshield for my car. It cracked from the cold, $1500 for the car breaking down in Idaho. So this extra $700 at this time is going to be hard right now but it's worth it. As soon as I've paid all those expenditures I will be debt free. Looking forward to that!


  1. You sure are dedicated to your pets! I hope it all works out.

  2. Ness, give me a call about the hospital bill. There's lots you can do to negotiate with the hospital to lower it, and agencies that will help out. I have friends who have been through it.


  3. Just passing by and saying hi from a fellow animal lover (mostly guinea pigs!). Nice to look through your blog. Please do visit my blog to see my guinea pig world. See you later!