25 February 2008

Babies...babies...and more babies

I just found out my good friend Mary is pregnant and expecting her baby in September. I'm so excited for her. Baby season must have started because my sister-in-law just had her baby two months ago. And I've been hearing about a couple of other friends that just had babies. So right now is definitely the season for babies. This makes it especially exciting for me because then I get to go and shop for oh so cute baby clothes and find matching socks! I'm big on baby socks.

I have yet to see my friend Rebecca's baby. I feel really bad but it's hard finding time to go to Provo. As soon as I move and get settled into a new house, I'm visiting all y'all


  1. Did you buy a house, or are you still looking? There are houses for sale around our neighborhood. :)

  2. No, we are looking to rent this one house. Heck no, I couldn't afford to buy a house. lol ;)

  3. Have you seen those little baby tights that are painted like little Mary Jane's at the bottom? I saw two babies with them on Sunday for the first time. So cute!! Babies never keep shoes one, so Alyssa always went shoeless, but I love the painted on effect :)