18 February 2008

Valentine's Day poems

Here are three of the poems Ramsey wrote me for Valentine's Day.

This one was hung on the door to the bedroom:

To my wife,

You shout and I shout,

But when you fall asleep, I watch you closely

and I can never stay angry.

You are too beautiful

You are too loved.

Instead, I think about the years to come

Each night as we will fall asleep

Each time you will fall asleep first,

and I will watch you closely

and I will love you more each time.

-love Ramsey

This one was hung on the door to the pet room:

To the beautiful Beast-Mistress:

She rules over all the beasts of the house

and she tames my wild heart too.

This one was hung on the t.v.:

So many fond memories of sitting here.

Because I sit here with you.

And those times when we both look at each other at the same time?

You know what I'm thinking

I know you're thinking the same thing?

Yeah that.

That's gold. Pure gold.

So many memories of your laughter,

and the funny looks you give when I laugh,

because I cackle maniacally.

It's understandable.

So many memories of you shedding tears into my shirt

as you cry on my shoulder, and I try to be the man who can wipe them all away

I try.

Memories of your face lighting up with that one smile I try to describe to you

I caught it on film once or twice

That smile that goes from ear to precious ear

when you find a favorite surprise.

I never thought I'd love you like this.

I loved you years ago, but not like this.

Not to the point where every inch and corner of my world

is your world too.

-love Ramsey

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  1. That's so beautiful! What a romantic guy and a lucky wife :)