06 March 2008

Dipping Sauce success!

I made pork dumplings this weekend and I even tried some vegetarian kinds. I was mostly experimenting on the method of cooking. I've fried my dumplings in the past, but I haven't always had a wonderful steamer! Thanks to my sister who gave me a gigantic steamer, it was perfect! The steamer also comes with a handle. Genius. Pure genius. After trial and error, I have found that lying the dumplings on a wet cloth in the steamer creates the best formed, non-sticky Chinese dumplings. I tried boiled too, but the steamed were by far the tastiest.

Also, I haven't created the best dippings in the past. They're usually ok but not anything to brag about. I've had amazing dipping sauce from restaurants and always wondered if I too could make such deliciousness. Well after much experimentation I have got a super yummy dipping sauce and I'm willing to share it to all the world:

1/4 cup light soy sauce
2 teaspoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons rice vinegar

So the key here my friends is the "light" soy sauce. When I was at the South East Asian market with my friend Rie Kaminokado, she suggested a lighter almost sodium free Korean soy sauce. I thought that was a fabulous idea because I always tended to think soy sauce was a bit too salty. You could also put garlic in the dippings, but either way, it's pretty dang tasty. Just thought y'all needed to know.