24 March 2008

Vanessa's 50 Favorite Movies

I have compiled a list of movies everyone should see. You will notice that some of these are rated R, you can get these edited, or watch them on t.v.
P.S. This is in no particular order. Yes, I know it says 50, I'm getting to it.

1)Donnie Darko
2)The Royal Tenenbaums
3)Everything is Illuminated
4)The Nightmare Before Christmas (animated)
5)V for Vendetta
6)Kill Bill 2
7)Being John Malkovich
9)Edward Scissorhands
10)Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (animated)
11)Ratatouille (animated)
12) Howl's Moving Castle (animated)
13)The Shawshank Redemption
14)The Count of Monte Cristo
15)28 Days Later
16)P.S. I Love You
17)Ready to Rumble
18)Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War)
19)The Island
21)Memoirs of a Geisha
22)Big Fish
23)Life Times (or To Live)
24)To End All Wars
25) Schindler's List
26)Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
27)The Pianist
28)The Prestige
29)The Illusionist
30)Little Miss Sunshine
31)Dead Poets Society
32)Dante's Peak
33)101 Dalmatians (animated)
34)The Science of Sleep
35)Spirited Away (animated)
36)House of Flying Daggers
37)Springtime in a Small Town
38)O Brother Where Art Thou?
39)Take Care of My Cat
40)My Neighbor, Totoro (animated)
41)Encino Man
42)The Sword and the Stone (animated)
43)The Great Mouse Detective (animated)
44)Walk the Line
45)Good Will Hunting
46)Along Came A Spider

17, 30, 41

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