17 April 2008

3 pictures to prove Sophie loves Ramsey more

My dog Sophie loves my husband more than me. She always wants to have at least one paw clinging to him at all times. She sleeps on his side of the bed, she sits on his lap when we watch movies, and she whines when he is gone. Only one word can describe how I feel!....Jealous!

Ramsey watching t.v. Look how Sophie looks completely blissful while sleeping.

Ramsey taking an afternoon nap after church. The more I try to reach to pick her up, the more she squishes in her little crevice of security.

Usually when I give Sophie a bath she's sort of hesitant. Well Ramsey was minding his own business taking a bath, and she leaps into the bathtub with him. Ramsey's face first looked completely horrified and then he just couldn't stop laughing.

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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel!! Alyssa is the same way. If I try and hold her so Graton can oh, eat, or take a shower, she screams and tries to fling herself out of my arms. I guess little girls just love their Daddies!