14 April 2008

Apartment Herbs

People who know me well know I love planting. I have this uncontrollable urge to grow things. Well, considering I've been stuck in an apartment, nothing much has come of this urge. But now with this new house I will have the garden of my dreams. Here are some of the things I want to grow:

Herb Garden

Vegetable Garden

Fruit Garden
-Yellow Squash
-Spaghetti Squash



So far under artificial light I have managed to grow some herbs in my apartment which I am excited to introduce to my new backyard.

Here are pictures of some of the plants:

Sweet Basil (yummy for my spaghetti)

Dill and Chives



  1. You should get some mint, too. It's nice to have, and it's really easy to grow—or at least it was where I grew up.

    If you want bumblebees, I recommend a comfrey bush (but except it to be a permanent part of your land from then on, as the roots root themselves well, after a time).

    I'm glad you want blackberries. They're great—I think they're easier to manage than raspberries, too, as they tend to last longer with less work.

  2. I also recommend plums and pears, if you want to branch out a little (excuse the pun).

    They (at least where I'm from) seem to be the fruit trees least prone to bugs, frost and birds.

    Birds tend to eat cherries like there's no tomorrow. Worms infest apples pretty easily (that probably depends on what part of the country you're in, though). Frost seems to get the apricots and peaches.

    Nectarines might be nice to try. It's always cool to look at all the hybrids they have; sometimes they have hardy versions of trees that aren't normally so hardy.

    You should also know that you can get thornless blackberries. My mom has some, and they've outdone the normal ones, so far (though that was probably just chance).

  3. Actually, I guess it was because the neighbors poisoned the normal ones when putting some weed killer down (probably not on purpose).

    How bugs affect all fruits seems to vary depending on the location, though I tend to have more faith in plums and pears, myself, from my personal experience.

    Frost can get the apples, too, but not as badly as apricots. Plums and pears seem to bloom a little later on or something (at least the trees we had).

  4. Well I won't plant any trees because we aren't going to live there long enough for them to bear fruit, but we do have 3 fruit trees already; Hmmm. I will look into thornless blackberries.

  5. Isn't gardening fun!! I've not got thyme, parsley, basil, sage, rosemary, and oregeno growing in my garden. I love to throw them in my soups, or sautee chicken in Olive oil and herbs. We also have lots of veggies growing!! So fun!!

  6. I'm jealous about the fruit trees. That's my dream!! When do you move in? Email me your new address