11 April 2008

New House!

Ramsey and I are moving to our new house on April 15th! It is 2 stories, 2 huge livingrooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a HUGE backyard with carport. You may be wondering why we need so many rooms. We wanted to live with Hannah (Ramsey's sis) and her two daughters because they were talking about moving to Salt Lake City. The rent is $1500 and we're splitting it in the middle so $750 each plus utilities. It's in Murray. So closer to Provo, but farther from my work. I have found that taking the freeway instead of the side streets like I usually do will get me there at about the same time, maybe 5 minutes more. So 20 minute drive instead of 15 like before. But it will be worth it! Here are pictures of some of the rooms.

Downstairs livingroom


Dining Area

Main floor livingroom

Main floor master bedroom

Main floor office


  1. Ness,

    Wow, that's gorgeous!!! How fun that you'll be living with Hannah. Wish I could come join the commune!!

  2. Congrats, Vanessa & Ramsey! How exciting to be living in such a cute house! You'll have a blast living with Hannah & the girls.