11 August 2008

Becca and Marat's Wedding

August 7th, Becca and Marat Gataullin got married for time and all eternity in the Timpanogos temple. I was very happy to be invited to attend the temple ceremony. I couldn't keep myself together during the ceremony. My eyes kept leaking. I saw their relationship from the beginning. It has been four years since they started dating. To think, the time has finally come, that both would make vows to be with each other for all eternity. It was so wonderful to see them look into each other's eyes while kneeling on the alter. I was on the groom's side so I could see Marat's face when he looked at her. I never saw that face of his before. His eyes were so gentle, so full of love, almost dream-like. It was so beautiful to see.

The whole ceremony brought me back to my own. I remember the sense of excitement, gratitude, and support as I walked into my own sealing room just three years ago. It touched me so much to see everyone that I ever loved there to be with me at such a precious moment of my life. When I saw Becca come into her own sealing room, she shared that same face and I saw her eyes. She was touched and it reminded me so much of the way I felt. Sometimes, I wish I could relive that moment.

After the ceremony, both of them gave me really long sweet hugs. And then I joined the crowd and waited for the time that they would come out of the temple as newlyweds. It was fantastic seeing how utterly happy they looked as family and friends cheered.

It was raining while everyone was setting up for the reception. I was doing my soundcheck in the rain. It was very fun but it flattened my hair. I was hoping it wouldn't rain for too long. As it turned out, it stopped raining right before the reception started so in reality it was a blessing because it cooled everything off and the evening was perfect. I always knew rain was lucky! The bees started to invade the food and one bee stung my friend Becca Rosello in the ankle. As sad as I was to learn of this I was very lucky it wasn't me because I would have puffed up like...well...no worries.
The reception was amazing. I was also lucky enough to sing a couple songs at the wedding to the accompaniment of my father's prerecorded tracks in my key! Everyone loved it...especially the older guests. And many others asked if I would do it for other weddings. Nope. Not gonna happen...but I'll do anything for Becca.

After the reception, I was so happy and depressed at the same time. It was a weird feeling. I felt like I was being left behind when the newlyweds took off. They were starting a new exciting chapter in their lives. I was just going home to sleep so I could wake up at 6:00 am to do a 12 hour shift at work. My third year anniversary is coming up on August 20th. I want to relive my honeymoon. It won't completely be the same though, because my love for my husband grows more everyday...so the love I have for him today is much deeper than the love I had for him on our honeymoon.

9 more days!

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  1. That's so beautiful Ness!! I wish I could've seen you sing! I'll never forget the absolute shock and amazement as I saw my little sister perform so professionally at her own wedding. I had know idea how talented you are, and I still feel totally SICK that we don't have a recording of it. Today, being my 7th wedding anniversary, I've tried to relive it in my mind. But, although, I recognize with sadness, that I never really can, so many details, are already hazy and fading away, the depth and breadth of our love, and the fulfillment I feel in our two daughters has expanded in ways I couldn't comprehend on that breathless day of promise. How grateful I am for eternal marriage!!