12 August 2008

Looking for some place awesome....

I'm looking for a cool hotel for my anniversary. Here are some ideas of "coolness." Obviously there's no ocean in Salt Lake City...but you get the idea. Does anyone know of anything?


  1. Pretty amazing rooms. I have a former roommate who honeymooned at a bed and breakfast in Bryce Canyon. I remember she had a jacuzzi in her room. Hope you find something awesome!

  2. What about all the awesome themed rooms at the Anniversay Inn? they have many locations and lots of fun themed rooms.

  3. The aquarium room looks pretty incredible. It must cost a fortune.

    I know there's an Anniversary Inn in Logan, UT. It's about a 1 1/2 hour drive from SLC. Its just down the hill from the Logan Temple and just up the hill from a nice big park. (My Grandma's house sadly they're demolishing soon is by it at 210 Canyon Rd.) You may have seen the Temple and people ice skating in this park on paintings. I haven't seen the inside of this Inn, but the outside is quite pretty. Its also within walking distance from Main Street and some fun restaurants. Its a beautiful peaceful area. If you do go there, you should probably make reservations as soon as possible because I think it fills up.