01 September 2008

Poor Sophie

Sophie got spayed on Tuesday. The vet said it was perfect timing because they found she had a rare hormonal imbalance that made her go into a false pregnancy. So we've been milking her. Can you believe it?? She's never met a unaltered male before but has been able to produce milk! And my niece Uniti out of curiosity tried it and she said it tasted like milk, coconut, and dog food!


  1. I'm laughing, but I shouldn't. Poor Sophie!

  2. I just read where that happened to Queen Mary (Henry the 8th's daughter). Twice!! She had false pregnancies, where her abdomen swelled, and she produced milk, but then at about 9 months, everyone waited, and nothing happened. And her body went back to normal. She was never able to produce an heir, and that's when Queen Elizabeth (her half sister) took the throne. The book said that if a woman was desparate to get pregnant, it could happen. Freaky!!