01 September 2008

Summer Fruit

It's been a great summer of fruit. We have many fruit trees and have been enjoying many delicious varieties. First we had many weeks of apricots because we have two apricot trees. I nearly got myself sick of them. But not quite! ;) Then we had a week of delicious plums until the birds ate them all. =( But it was a delicious week none the less! Most recently we picked the pears and are now waiting for them to ripen.

We discovered we have a yellow apple tree as well as a red apple tree. Sorry I don't know official names. But we think the yellow ones are ripe. The red ones probably mid September.

Then Uniti (my niece) discovered we actually have a peach tree! This we never knew! It's more like a teenage tree because its fruit is wee big.

On a side note, we have been selling some stuff in the shed. And we donated a lot of firewood to the U. Soon I will have a game facility and I will get a ping pong table. There is still a lot of junk to clear. There is a large cabinetry set from the previous owner that Ramsey is selling for $200. Pretty good deal!

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  1. Such a great yard. Wish I was there for the fruit, and to meet your nieces!!