24 September 2008

Body Worlds!!!

Update: The exhibit was wonderful! It was very crowded but that's because we went the second weekend it was opened. (Probably not a good idea). My favorite part of the museum was that they show a fetus in every weekly stage of it's development. One of the fetuses scared Ramsey. He thought it looked like an angry little alien. Yes, I looked. It was very angry. But anyway, I highly recommend seeing this exhibit. It's completely and utterly fascinating!!!!

Ramsey and I are going to Body Worlds this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. If you would like to join us email me at vanessadewey@gmail.com. It's about $20 a ticket but there is student pricing. For more information visit this website: http://www.nowutah.com/bodyworlds/
For a $3 discount courtesy of University Health Care, enter in promotion code: UHC1NL

Update: I have three people going with us so far!

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