23 September 2008

Moon Festival (Zhongqiu Jie)

My Chinese tutor and very good friend Lu brought me a moon cake. These moon cakes are traditionally eaten during the moon festival (one of China's biggest holidays). They have been celebrating this tradition over 3000 years, dating back to the Shang dynasty. Traditionally on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes. Accompanying the celebration, there are additional cultural or regional customs, such as:
  • Eating moon cakes outside under the moon
  • Putting pomelo rinds on one's head
  • Carrying brightly lit lanterns lighting lanterns on towers, floating sky lanterns
  • Burning incense in reverence to deities
  • Planting Mid-Autumn trees
  • Collecting dandelion leaves and distributing them evenly among family members
  • Fire Dragon Dances

Shops selling mooncakes before the festival, often display pictures of Chang'e (mythical mood goddess) floating to the moon. (Source). Here are some pictures of the mooncake Lu brought me!

It has a boiled egg yolk in the middle. Isn't that the best part of the egg? Perhaps a symbol of the full moon.

Here is Lu singing at the local Moon Festival held by university students. I had to post this song. It is a very beautiful song accompanied by a beautiful singer!


  1. Hi Vanesa,

    I have responded to your comment at troubleshooting sidebar at bottom of page problems. You don't need to delete video that is too wide. You can resize it.

    BTW please let Lu knows "ni chang de zhen hao ya"

  2. that looks far too beautiful to eat :)