07 September 2008

Trip to Wyoming!

Last month I went to Wyoming with a bunch of friends and my two brothers. This is my second year rafting the snake. Or maybe it's my third....can't remember. It was a great three days! We camped and rafted. We had hobo dinners and I got my head walked on by my friend Courtney's chocolate lab. She slept in our tent! lol. Here's me on zee raft with my bro Jeremy:

On the third day, a couple of us decided to ride horsies. My horse was named Skipper. He was almost as cool at Buster (my previous horse).

Worthy of a kiss!

After the trip, My two brothers and I weren't ready to go home! So we decided to go to Yellowstone as a little family trip! First, we went through Jackson Hole.

We ate at a nice little cafe...I think called the Bunnery. We stayed at a motel and had dinner at Gusher's Pizza. The next morning we went to the park! We saw a lot of geysers. (And I mean a lot...more like too much.) Here is a little sample.

Morning Glory ain't what it used to be...

Old Faithful!!

We also saw some wildlife!

Jeremy took this amazing picture of this raven.

But overall, the best part of the trip was the long car ride with my brothers whom I dearly love! Yay! Sibling bonding time!


  1. I love you more than all the moose and coyotes in yellowstone baby!

  2. Wish I could've been there! Gorgeous! And the pictures aren't bad either :)

  3. Sorry for my Pili's inability to stay in her own space. She just LOVES you Ness! Your pics of Yellowstone are great! You should plan on rafting next summer.... The trip wouldn't be the same without you.